Wild Elephant Spotting!


Left Siliguri at 6:30 am with Jess driving.  She is feeling great and now its Cork who is not well. We had some super roads and then…the road to hell. It was absolutely the worst road, ever. To make it even worse, the map listed it as a main highway!   We still had at least 100 kilometres to go and there was no way on this road of mud and massive holes we thought Lil Jigg’ would make it.  At one enormous mud hole, she almost got swallowed up! We pulled over to ask a man about the road and he said the road got better in 4 kms…He was right!!!  Onto smooth roads again.

As we were driving along we saw a few signs that warned of “elephant crossings”.  To our surprise and within 100m of the sign we spotted 2 elephants not far off the road.  Jess slammed on the brakes, did a 360 and we went back to get some pics.  This was easiest,  the highlight of our day.

It was getting late in the day and there was nothing to be found for overnight.  Alongside some of the Aussie teams we looked for rooms and debated which town to try. Thankfully one of the guys fixed one of our headlights and we decided to backtrack 17kms to a tiny town called Barpeta. Arriving into the town, in the dark, we noticed the street was full of only men, all of them eyeballing us. We stopped at the first ‘hotel’ we found. It was a grimy room, that we had to ask to be cleaned of other peoples clothing & bedding. At this point it didn’t matter to us, we just wanted a room with a lock.  We took a wee venture out to find some food and then back to our room to call it a night. This was an extremely long and stressful day. However, we covered 448 kms!