The Mighty Bay of Bengal

Sun Temple
Started the morning waking at 430am, well before dawn to walk down to the beach to watch the sunrise, as we were told it was a “must”.  The beach was packed with locals doing the same, and doing their business in the nearby field. We got robbed of our sunrise thanks to some rain. However, we did get an early start to the Sun Temple, a World Heritage site, our star attraction and reason we drove over 100km out of our way. And boy, was it worth it! So much detail of Kama Sutra poses and when the sun finally broke through the clouds….stunning!
Lil Jigg’ got the 1000km mark recommended oil change, spark plug cleaning, tightening up.
We hit the road and Jess started driving, and she was great.  This gave Cork some well deserved rest.
The the skies turned black;  lightening and thunder and  buckets of rain pelted us.  There are no doors on Lil Jigg’ and so we were getting soaked! We used our Chawels as “doors” which kept alot of the rain out.
4km Tide
We arrived into the beach town of Chandipuri at the reasonable hour of 5:30pm, which gave us just enough time to see that the  tide was out a whopping 4 kms! Apparently this is common and what the town in known for. So much for swimming, as we weren’t gonna walk 4km out to reach the sea. Went to a good restaurant where we had some Bengali food which is sweeter and not as spicy as some of the other Indian dishes we have tried.  It was  delicious.
291 kms travelled today.