Highway to Hell

Mechanic KidsLeft at 6 am hoping together to Siliguri.  There was no frickin way!  The roads were treacherous and there were so many trucks and black smoke and just everything was bad.  Our gas mileage was down to 7 km per litre which means we are filling up every 50 kms and then it went down to 28 kms for the whole tank!  We knew it was time to get this looked into or we would be broke!  Went to Bajaj dealer in the city of Maldah who did not work on rickshaws, but he directed us to a mechanic who did.  The carb had to be worked on and then new brake linings, and finally new hydraulics – shocks.  This all took over 4 hours and 3500 rupees.  Cork entertained the local kids with a game of “Simon Says”.  We also enjoyed fresh, squash filled samosas! 6 for 13rupees (a quarter!) We stayed at the Kalinga Hotel where we had to sneak our in our Limca soda and vodka up to the restaurant as the bar was in the basement  and  no booze was allowed in restaurant.  Another different good Indian Bengali meal was gobbled down.

Only 136 kms today