Gifting the Police


We are heading inland to Tirupathi and it took way longer than expected.  GPS gave us a sneaky short cut which worked the first time, however the second time we ended up off road in mud!  The boys watched as we pulled our rickshaw up the muddy hill and back onto pavement.  Got into the busy city of Tirupathi and lost one of the boys…Thomas and Stephen missed the turn.  Jeez, it took nearly 3 hours to get the boys back.  Thank god they had phones, which we do not…
Jess and I tried desperately to find out how to visit the temple up the mountain to see the head shaving..  Nothing was working and it seemed like it would take a full day to do…  We all left Tirupathi and the 3 of us decided that we must see some sights as we had given up the head shaving, so we made a commitment to do more sightseeing if we could: the Sun Temple in Odisha and Calcutta are a must.

We got stopped by police and the boys had to show paperwork etc. The police were all happy with us and we ‘pinned’ them with our Canadian pins.  They were all smiles.  We ran into Team Chang and the Americans so we all convoyed into Kavali where we found a dump of a hotel called the Princes Paradise. Oh it so was not a ‘paradise.’ Our bathroom was outside our room off an outside walkway.  Sink in the room was black with grime.  An Kavali paradise perhaps….

Went to a standup bar next door and had cold ones.  Some real characters showed up and chatted us up and lots of photos were taken. Everyone wants a photo with us.  Went to a nearby restaurant where dinner cost us $1 each.  Rice, banana leaf, sauces, yogurt – great! And what a bargain.  The staff invited us for a tour of their kitchen which was surprisingly clean and really efficient.  Back to the standup bar for rum shots and bed by 11pm.
We have now heard that teams have chosen some different routes; some up the west coast, some going up through Bangalore and others like us, going up the east coast.  278 kms today