Dreads, Diesel & Dust


We left at 6 am and it was beautiful highway driving.  Jess drove while Cork and I did laundry drying in the back of Lil Jigg’.  We managed to do somewhat of a bypass of Kolkata and the traffic was crazy-just as we’d been warned…  After stopping to dip our feet in the Ganges, we stopped at the side of the road cool off Lil Jigg’. This dude with the longest dreadlocks ever came by and was chatting us up.  His dreads/hair went down to the ground, then curled back up his body and came around his neck. To add to the spectacle, the end of it hair was shaped like a cobra’s head!   Jess got blessed by the ‘God of Dread’ and we took some cool shots with him, as we wondered what was living in the dread…

From there it was diesel dusty holes forever!  The road was horrible: dirt = dust + trucks = diesel. Add to the equation the constant horn blaring. ARGH!!!!!  We were breathing so much black smoke and our skin was disgustingly filthy. Our Buff’s came in handy, but really nothing could prevent us from getting ‘dust lung’. Found a place just off the road in Baharampur at 5:30pm. Boy, were we glad to get off the road before dark!  We had beers and some mutton, an onion dish, chapati, and prawns.  It was all good!  310 kms travelled today.