Destination Beach

Lil Jigg Beach

Left Guntur at 6am.  Stocked up on gas and planned on putting on some major mileage as we want to get to the beach today!  Lil Jigg’  was running a little sluggish, could be our gas/oil mixture. Gotta buy one of their steel measuring cups to keep it accurate.

Had some roadside fresh mango, bananas,  and sesame balls for breakfast. We were really motoring along today to make up for yesterday’s delay and to get to the beach. Cork is on a mission!                                                             This was a really bad day for accidents: saw 2 motorbike accidents, 2 huge trucks on their sides and a dog hit by a small truck in front of our eyes. Very sad.  On another note, we also saw many people squatting on the side of the road doing their business. Our eyes have been stained!

According to the GPS we should arrive at Rushikonda Beach at 4:30 pm…. HA!  As we were approaching the very large city of Visakhapatnam (try pronouncing that ten times) the crazy traffic began and we were caught in the thick of it.  To add to matters, it was quickly getting dark out!  Holy Hell!  Cork has become an Indian driver and is so aggressive. (Either that our she really wants to hit the beach) Thank goodness for GPS as we would not have found this “off the beaten track” tiny village outside of Visaknapa-whatever.  We got into Rushiconda at 6:40 pm and it was dark!  Got the last room in the place, a beach cottage which is actually ON the beach – amazing!  The sound of the waves was a real treat after a 12.5 hour day of noise and filthy fumes.  We had our spiciest dinner yet.  Fish curry, chicken tikka masala and mutton plus a couple of different breads and of course a few Kingfishers.

Packed on a whopping 478 kms today!!!