Travelling with the Austrians

The Austrians

Pascal, the ski instructor, Joachim, the carpenter, Stephan the welder, & Thomas, the quiet welder. Also known as Really Awesome Guys!

Departed at 630am for Puducherry by taking the wrong road and had to backtrack.  OMG! The traffic in Puducherry at 8am was hilarious and hairy.  At one point all traffic which included school kids, buses, cars, bulls, rickshaws, bikes, bicycles, people, trucks was totally jammed up at the railway tracks waiting for the train to pass.  When it started moving, a bus nearly clipped us a couple of times and our ears were hurting from all the honking!

Got to the Bay of Bengal / Andaman sea.  It was a beautiful setting and we had an Indian breakfast of idly, veg and sauce and an americano which was sweetened and had lemon zest and cinnamon added. Interestingly good.
On the street we saw a guy on his bicycle with a bag full of cut up chicken sitting in the sun – no food safeyt here!
Stopped at the World Heritage Shore Temple in  Mamallapuram. The temple was on the sea with a beautiful stretch of beach running along side of it. Too bad we didn’t have time to enjoy the beach….
A local told us of an alternate route North and advised us not to go into Chennai as there was no bypass and it would take 5 hours just to get through. I guess for a city of 6.6 million people it could take some time…

Our gps was dead and we went the wrong way several times. The locals always know the way…
Got onto a really bad road, actually off road and got onto someone’s front lawn. As we tried to back our rickshaw up we started laughing as we ran over their nice big cactus plant.  Cork’s first roadkill! They did not seem to mind and we just howled! The Austrians seemed quite entertained, yet puzzled.
We finally got onto the right road .  Went thru a massive market which sold everything and it was jammed with shoppers.  Found a clean a/c room in Arack before dark.  Whew! Very choice!  Had a delicious meal of ‘Mutton Hyderabad’ and there were some other great dishes of mushrooms, mutton Chettinad, and tandoori naan with some great spices going on.  385 kms today!