Charlie Boorman & FrankWater

Boorman Offtrax

Arrived at United Club grounds at 10 am.  Charlie Boorman from the documentary series Long Way Around and Long Way Down (with Ewan Macgregor) was there with his film crew.  Charlie came over and had a chat with us about the Rickshaw Run and we got some good photos. He was quite impressed by all our sponsors.
The volunteers for Frank Water interviewed our team.  They informed us that a project is ongoing in Warangal, India and hopefully we will be able to visit the project within the alloted time en route.
We took the rickshaw to our home stay and practiced some packing as there is limited room and have been warned to to overload our roof racks. No problem for us as we have the perfect sized backpacks from Asolo.

The power was out all day! Therefore no internet, and thus no updates. Instead we ventured into Mattancherry, an area in Cochin,   for Corks first hand  at crazy Indian  traffic.  Massive trucks loaded with rice, goats, cows, rickshaws, peeps, all jammed up all over the streets but she managed to get through this hairy mess. What a test!
It was another hot one, but managed to do a bit of shopping pre-race.  Went out for a cold Kingfisher and then to shower and dress for the big send off party at an old Dutch palace on an island in the Cochin harbour.  We were entertained  by the local culture of sword fighting, knives, fire swallowers, and some crazy dances by our fellow team mates.  Some of the teams were dressed up as cows, spiderman, bears, pirates, and even a guy in Depends.. There was massive drinking by some of the teams and the dancing was wild. A new one for us was the “tray dance”.   A group holds a serving tray over their heads as someone would ATTEMPT to dance on tray.  Let’s just say there were some pretty amazing wipeouts.  Home by 1am and off to bed as we start tomorrow!!!!