And We’re Off!!!!

Start Cork went and picked up Lil Jigg’  and brought her back  to the home stay to pack up all our gear.  We now have India GPS on the ipad.  Drove to grounds and had some  pomp and ceremony  in the sizzling  heat.  70 rickshaws paraded around the grounds.  The newspapers and reporters were all there.  Everyone was pumped and we left at 11:45 am.  Hilariously enough, all teams got lost, including us, just getting out of  Fort Cochin.
We got past the city Thissur when all the fun stopped.  The traffic was horrible in both directions which we found out later was due to a single lane bridge quite a ways up the road .  This is when we discovered that SIZE MATTERS on Indian roads.  It is like a pecking order where the biggest rules the roadways and it just goes down in size from the road-train-trucks (bigger and taller than a transport truck) to trucks, to busses to smaller trucks, to cars, to rickshaws to motorcycles to people to anmals.  As we were stopped in traffic, most trucks, busses, and cars tried to inch their way around .  Cork attempted to pass at one point and went over to the opposite shoulder because Lil Jigg’ would not steer over the weird grade of the road.  Then the worst happened:  a bus ran us off the road.  Thank God there was a shoulder to run on to.  We were all shaken up but ok.  We found a new hotel in Palakdad and had to have a few stiff drinks as  we were wrecks.  I was ready to pack it in.  Cork was ready to put Lil Jigg’ on a train to Shillong.  After a shower, we found a wonderful  all veg restaurant where we chilled out. The food was a variety of  peas, rice, veg and different sauces on a large banana leaf that you ate with your RIGHT hand, not left.  This was the best food we had had so far on the trip.  Now off to bed and pray for a safe tomorrow!

We racked up 125 kms today.