On April 2013 , Elly, Jess and Corinne flew to India to partake in one of the most incredible, scariest and adrenaline pumped races on earth: the Rickshaw Run.
Starting from Kochi (Kerala) and ending in Shillong (Meghalaya) the 3 women crossed the subcontinent in 17 days, ending the run “dead last” but with 4,132 km under their belts! The trio raised money for Frank Water: a charity funding clean water in India.
Driving a tuk-tuk across India at a “turtle speed” of 35km/h (with “peaks” recorded of 52km/h downhill), with everything coming at you in the likes of trucks, bus,cars, bikes and cows is DEFINITELY a trip not made for everyone. Mix all of this with the smells, colors and sounds of India and you got yourself a hell of trip!