In March 2016 we participated and won the the Maroc Challenge in the Adventure category!!

Filmed by both team Offtrax members and by the KFoto team, the XV Conquers series will be released soon for the next Subaru Europe Summer campaign

Here’s a sneak peak :

Team Offtrax Celebrates Class Win in the 2016 Maroc Challenge*

19 April 2016

Motorsports, Awards

Brussels, 13th April, 2016 – Subaru Europe NV/SA, the European subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the Japanese manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, is pleased to announce that Team Offtrax*2 achieved the following results at the 2016 Maroc Challenge (18th – 26th March):

  • First in the ladies category*3

  • 8th in the Adventure TT1*4

With over 2,800km of Moroccan desert to cover in 8 days, alongside 214 drivers in 107 teams, Subaru decided to put the All-Conquering Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru XV to the ultimate test. S-AWD consists of a longitudinally mounted, horizontally-opposed Boxer Engine and a symmetrically designed 4WD drivetrain. This is a permanent AWD system, unique to Subaru, engineered to maximize stability, safety and performance.

Tough terrains, daunting dunes and harsh weather conditions. While others took on the challenge in modified vehicles with professional drivers, Subaru took two amateur drivers and one standard S-AWD Subaru XV.

Despite the circumstances, Team Offtrax finished the rally safely, with no mechanical damage and a fantastic end result. This was all achieved in the base version, mass produced 1.6L petrol engine, propped with a few standard accessories. The exact same vehicle took part in the Mongolia Charity Rally*5, in 2014.

Corinne stated right after the victory “The rally is like a marathon: it’s all about endurance, and the Subaru XV has lots. At the awards, everyone was still astonished the Subaru XV had made it, and everyone applauded the team”.

*2: Team Offtrax is composed by two adventure-lovers: Corinne Copreni and Jess Watt. They have participated in three rallies so far and their motto is “Adventures well off the beaten trax”
*3: 71 women out of 214 participants
*4: 20 cars in the adventure class
*5: Back and forth from Belgium to Mongolia, totaling 33.497 km across 36 countries