During an annual trip to the Northwest corner of Algonquin Park in the summer of 2010, Team Offtrax formed through a mutual dream of experiencing every country in the world.

The dream started to become reality when Jess won a trip to China through a local scavenger hunt.

Seeing as we were going all the way to China we figured, “might as well hit a few other countries while over there.” Pulling out our atlas, we researched Tibet, Mongolia, the Korea’s and Siberia, Russia. After much debate (time vs. money vs. culture vs. money vs. landscape vs. time) we settled on  Mongolia to explore the Gobi Desert, then take the Trans-Siberian Railway to Lake Baikal, Russia.

For a visual adventure of where we went and how we experienced it check out our slideshow here

While in Mongolia we stumbled across the finish line of the Mongol Rally; an incredible journey spanning over 15,000 km from Europe via Central Asia to Mongolia.

Since then, Corinne grew obsessed with the idea of driving from London to Ulaanbataar,  seeing it as the ultimate opportunity to experience ‘the Stans’ and get that much closer to fulfilling our dream. After much discussion (and persuasion) from Corinne, the decision was made that if we were to ever attempt the drive we would first have to ‘test’ ourselves on the open road. That ‘test’ came by way of The Rickshaw Run.

In April 2013 Team Offtrax rose to the challenge and navigated ourselves 4312km across India in a three-wheeled auto rickshaw, which we fondly named, Lil Jigg’. Team Offtrax wasn’t alone: along with our 20+ corporate sponsors and hundreds of individuals, The Rickshaw Run raised over $87,000 for FRANK Water projects in India.

For a visual adventure of where we went and what happened on the road check out of slideshow here 

Proving to ourselves that we passed our self-induced ‘test’, Team Offtrax unanimously decided it was time to hit the road once again.

This time: the Rally to Mongolia 2014.  On October 2013 both Jess and Corinne signed up with the Mongolia Charity Rally, allowing us to have enough time to fundraise for both our charities (Go Help and Make a Wish Canada),  as well as find new sponsors and of course “study” the route. The Offtrax HQ walls now covered in maps, we began planning one of the biggest adventures we’ve ever been on. Over the course of the 9 months preparation we managed to secure 29 sponsors, including Subaru Europe who, to our surprise, provided us with a brand new Subaru XV!

Of course not all went smoothly, passports were lost a week before our departure ( a bureaucrat loss that came courtesy of the embassy of Uzbekistan in New York) , rush passports had to be issued ($$$), visas  had to be redone in London ($$$$$), and a trip to Barcelona cancelled  ($$$$$$$$) later we finally left the UK on July 20, 2014 !!

To say the trip was a blast would truly underestimate it.

We reached Mongolia (country 28) on September 21, 2014, with one broken arm  and 22,000km + later! After spending 3 days to recover and to visit our charity Go Help, we then headed back towards Europe. On October 28, 2014  with 33,497km under our belt and 36 countries later we accomplished what no other all women team has done in the past: we drove to Mongolia and back, crossing the most countries any other team has ever done! 4 months on the road, driving the equivalent of 2/3 of the planet, with your best friend is something truly incredible. Now that we are back in Canada we are planning the next big thing. Stay tuned for some news coming soon. To view photos from the Mongolia Charity Rally click here and stay up to date with our news here 

Since spending “too much time in Toronto” isn’t part of Team Offtrax DNA, Jess and Corinne decided to team up with Subaru Canada in August 2015, to drive pass the Arctic Circle via the famous Dempster Highway. The trip proved to be quite amazing: from the BC interior to the Yukon, to the Northwest Territories, Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes one can only dream of. To read more and to view more click here

Once back from the Arctic, we decided to partner once again with Subaru Europe to film the Subaru Winter Challenge. In January 2016, we headed to Europe where we started filming an 8 episode series for their next Winter 2016 ad campaign across Europe. The twist: we had to accept 8 unknown challenges throughout the Alps. Bloopers of course aplently!! To read a bit more, click here 

Of course sitting still proved to be absolutely impossible. Not even 2 weeks back from Europe, we decided to sign up for the Maroc Challenge Spring 2016 edition. The Maroc Challenge is an actual rally across the Sahara Desert, and proved to be the most difficult adventure Team Offtrax has ever been on. Proving the rally organizers wrong, we won the rally!! Read more here

Now, its just time to plan the next adventure!! Stay tuned !!