A day in the shop…hour by hour

Mechanic brake

Left at 6am with the boys, looking for a place to service the rickshaws, as we’ve been advised to have them ‘checked’ every 1000km.  Found a Bajaj dealer in the random city of Ongole. After a test drive, the mechanic found out we needed 2 rear wheel bearings and some minor adjustments with our fluids changed and greased.  The boys had less issues tho we all ended up at the garage for 4 hours.  After completing the work, the mechanic took Lil Jigg’ out for a test drive and there was yet another issue.  The boys had to get going as they had a hard departure date, so we had to say a sad farewell.

Had to wait another hour for a part for the carburetor… This was a great service station as  they even asked us to join them for lunch up on the roof.   After finally leaving and driving 20 minutes we lost our brakes!  Holy crap!!!  WTF!   We flagged down a couple of bikers and they called a mechanic.  We followed the bikers, minus our brakes to a nearby mechanic who didn’t want to do the job. However he called another mechanic who said he would be there in 5 minutes. We were all chibbed and ready to drive back brake-less to the Bajaj Service station.  But in the nick of time the mechanic arrived.  He had to tighten something on all 3 wheels and also the brake pedal.  He took Cork out for a test drive and slammed on the brakes, jerking Cork up a bit, much to our amusement. Now  we have great brakes. We were so thankful to the two bikers and the mechanic.  They refused to take any money from us so we gave them Canada pins and took photos of them. (Everyone seems to love having their photo taken here).

On the road again!  WHEW!

Drove to another random town named, Guntur and got room.  Out for a typical rice dinner and then bed .

Only 220 kms today.