Breaking Rules Badly

IMG_0252Departed today at 7:06 am.  The highways were great and we saw many teams.  Our goal was to make it to Puducherry, (a former French colony up until 1962, on the East Coast) as we all wanted to dine on steak, croissants, and Beaujolais.  Every couple of hours we would stop to let  Lil Jigg’ have a cool down and for us, a good stretch.  We were drinking a ton of water mixed with electrolytes.  It is scorching hot and by 2pm the air is cooking even when we are flying at 45/kph!
As the sun is going down, we realize that we cannot make it to Puducherry.  A tiny town named Viluppuram was our only option.  It got darker and darker and darker.  The Indians all drive with their high beams on…or no lights at all.  It was a very scary drive, as we drove with our hazard lights on, trying to be as “bright” as possible. We finally we got to the exit and Jess spotted a hotel.  We had another team following us but they left us as we arrived at the hotel.  As we are pushing our rickshaw towards the back parking lot, we heard some guys yell and it was the Austrians!  We were a wreck and the tears started to flow at the bar with the boys.  But we made it safely and vowed we would never drive at night again.
Ordered boar which never arrived.  However the beers did and many were consumed. We were all thankful to have met up with eachother, especially in this dive of a hotel.
Our room was pretty bad. Jess turned on the water and it came out of a pipe in the ceiling.  We sprayed the beds with disinfectant, as I seriously doubt this room had been cleaned in a few decades.

330 kms today!